Get the Customer Testimonials Your Business Needs

I gather meaningful and targeted testimonials from your past clients that help to build trust, make you more relatable, and help potential clients picture themselves enjoying the benefits of your service which can ultimately lead to increased sales.

Karyn Kelbaugh

Customer Researcher, Karyn M Kelbaugh, LLC

Why Hire Someone?

Having an experienced third party collect your customer testimonials will result in:

Objective Feedback

Detailed, thoughtful client insight that can not only provide your business with solid social proof, but also constructive feedback you can put to use immediately.

Cared for Customers

You’ll have customers who feel heard and appreciated. You’ll also get the credit for relieving the pressure they may feel about giving you direct feedback or coming up with the perfect words.

Time Saved

All of this takes time to do right. You can spend your time working on the other tasks that move your business foward, knowing that this is being taken care of.

Avoid the Awkward

“Nobody’s going to tell you your baby’s ugly.” People self edit when giving direct feedback to avoid any awkwardness. But you need honest answers and real testimonials without making you or them uncomfortable.

How it Works.

  • We start with a Complimentary Consulting Call
  • Planning Call to determine testimonials needs
  • I give you everything you need to provide to the customers to set up the interviews.
  • I conduct the interviews (preferably on recorded video)
  • When everything is completed, I will deliver the approved testimonials, transcripts and video/audio files.
  • Follow up in about 2 weeks for any questions.

Testimonial Gathering Services start at $600.

Additional customer research services available. 

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