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I provide customer research services for small businesses. Save your time & let me do the asking. Get insights and feedback directly from your clients. 

What I do

I help you learn what your clients think by capturing their stories. We learn what they think, get feedback, insights into their dreams and frustrations, and their exact words describing it all. It all starts with a conversation.


Done For You Client Research

I do the interviewing and you reap the benefits of ready to use client insights and quotes.

Testimonial Focus

Marketing Focus

Insight Focus

White Label Research

Are you a copywriter or other creative agency? Free up time and hand over your interviewing to the experts (who geek out over it). Increase the value of your offerings without adding more work for your team.


Get help doing your own research. Sales not going the way they usually do for your most reliably selling service ? Considering a big pivot but you need more information and plan to get it? Let’s talk.


Survey Auditing

Sending out a survey? Have your survey & plan evaluated to make sure you get the best data for your (and your respondents’) time.


Testimonial Toolkit

Download a plug and play digital process for collecting useful testimonials, fast. Now Available!

beyond data

Speak Your Clients' Language

Learning what your clients say and what they are achieving helps you communicate to potential clients what to expect. You are able to explain things in a way that meets them where they are.

Build Trust and Referrability

68% of customers stop using a company because they believe they don’t care about them. Far more than any other reason. (Source)

Following up with your clients to simply check in and see what they think shows them that you actually care about them and it’s just good customer service.

(Let Your Clients) Communicate Your Value

Have feedback that you can share with prospective clients that are concerned about how your services work. Being able to give them something to read through allows your past clients to be your cheerleaders.

how can customer interviews improve your business?

There is gold in the customer interviews. There is messaging gold, there is social proof gold, feedback gold, insight gold, and relationship gold. And yes, it takes effort but the payoff is so worth it on many levels for your business.

If you aren’t engaging in these conversations with your customers and getting feedback and really checking in with them and you aren’t recording that information, you are leaving gold on the table.

The blog

Is Jargon Ruining Your Questions?

Is Jargon Ruining Your Questions?

Summary We are talking about using plain language in your questions and cutting out the jargon. Why does that matter? This should be obvious, but it is not. It matters because if people can't understand what you're asking they are going to leave, or worst GUESS. And...

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How To Overcome Your Client Feedback Blind Spot

How To Overcome Your Client Feedback Blind Spot

How To Overcome Your Client Feedback Blind Spot​​​​​​​ [wtr-time] hether you collect testimonials from clients during exit interviews, or you ask for them later, having endorsements from previous clients helps potential clients make the decision to...

I specialize in helping you connect with your clients, learn about their journeys, what progress they are trying to make, and how your business fits into their story.

From My Clients

"I knew I wanted to collect testimonials but it felt so overwhelming. I had this resistance to asking clients to tell me how awesome I am. But, I also knew that by sharing their stories, they'd inspire others. So, I was at the point of, "Okay, I'm gonna do this, so how do I make this super-easy?"

It absolutely exceeded my expectations! Karyn did a fabulous job creating the space for my clients to tell their authentic stories of transformation. And I now have so many wonderful snippets of inspiration that I can share in my marketing.

Karyn makes this super-simple. All I have to do is introduce her to my clients and it's done. She sends me the docs at the end and I turn it into marketing magic. 🙂

My clients get a chance to share their stories and this empowers THEM to soar even higher.And for my business, the case studies and other marketing materials that I create from Karyn's interviews have resulted in more leads. I've had potential clients tell me that they've been following me for a while and it was these testimonials that prompted them to finally reach out and get help."

Jen Bunk

CEO, The People Stack

"I was looking for ways to drive interest with more high-end clients for my signature retainer service. I really just expected to get a video and transcript of the interview. Karyn said she would "code" it for me, but I didn't really have a good understanding of what that would look like in practice.

The Airtable database with all my coded transcripts broken into quotes is AMAZING. It's probably the most valuable part of my interviews. But really, the most valuable part was simply moving this item off my to-do list and not having to do it for myself. I now use case studies as my main lead magnet on my website to attract more qualified leads to my application process."

Lacy Boggs

Founder, The Content Direction Agency

“I think that’s why I was having trouble with sharing positive feedback before because I felt like it was about me. I realize now it has nothing to do with me and instead serves to help my future client know if what I do is a good fit for them.  Who doesn’t want that?  It is a win-win.”

Amber Dugger

Founder , Profit For Keeps

“Within just 3 months of receiving my client feedback from Karyn, I was able to overhaul my packages so they would highlight more of the things my clients love and value about my work, cut some extras they weren’t even noticing, and sign two new clients onto the new package at a higher rate.
One month later, I was able to bring back a lapsed client, at a small rate increase.
My work with Karyn has paid for itself, and then some! Having my work reflected back in such a deep and meaningful way helped me to stop overlooking the value of some things I took for granted, which is what allowed me to increase our client packages. I know I’ll be back for another round when the current contracts are coming to a close!”

Brigitte Lyons

Founder, B

“You sell more than data. You sell progress. You sell the legend that helps us read the maps. You sell honesty. Integrity. The answer found in the mystery of numbers. You help people turn down the feedback and turn up the song. You sell a big, deep breath.”

Gregg Eiler

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