So. It’s been a minute (or 2 months) since we recorded our intro episode and we were just getting ready to start publishing our first few episodes when the entire world started dealing with a global pandemic. We are living right now in a constantly changing and uncertain reality, so we wanted to make sure our episodes were as useful and as relevant as possible.

Today’s episode covers two main topics:

1. Why we need “new data” to learn about the specific obstacles our clients are facing right now. Hint: It’s so we can figure out how best to help them and help us figure out what to focus on in our businesses that will help us find direction right now.

2. We give you some actual questions that you can ask your clients right now and talk about how to do the asking if you’re not sure.

We really hope that you find this conversation useful. I know it’s crazy right now and we are all just trying to find our way forward.

Take care of yourselves. Thank you!

The Questions from today’s Episode:

  • How are you doing?
  • What is causing you the most concern right now?/what are you worried about the most?
  • What is taking up the most of your time right now
  • What has been going well?
  • How would you like me to support you right now?
  • What feels the most urgent right now?
  • Why does it feel urgent?

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