Dear business owner,

I want to get right to the point. As business owners, we are not connecting with our clients enough – as humans. Yes, we are tracking them through touch points and pixels and clicks and open rates and #allthemetrics.

But we are not connecting as humans. Not enough.

We are living in our assumption bubbles and trying to ‘crack the code’ of how to get more people to want, buy and gush over our marvelous things. We just want them to tell us how to sell to them. We just want them to tell us what they want us to say.

That is not their job. That is our job to discover and discern. It takes work and it takes listening.

People are not search engines. You cannot “Google” at them.

So I am here to help you connect. To learn about the people you are serving in a more in-depth, personal, human way.

I specialize in helping you connect with your clients, learn about their journeys, what progress they are trying to make, and how your business fits into their story.

This connecting can take different forms, but by focusing on follow-up and feedback, you can learn all you need to know about them AND collect incredibly valuable information that will help you improve your business, build stronger client relationships and communicate your value with more clarity to the world.

If you are ready to learn how customer research can help you, let’s talk.

You know, like humans. =)


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