Why does growing your business feel like guesswork?

Because you are guessing.

When you fill out that ideal client profile…When you sit down to write copy…When you select targeting for your Facebook ads…When you start researching a new idea or developing a new product…

You are guessing.

You’re not certain. You don’t know if it’s going to work. You’re not confident that you’re saying the right things. You don’t know if this will resonate with your ideal customer…or if it’s even a viable idea.

But what if…

What if you knew that the words you were using to describe your business resonated with your ideal clients? And you could deliver that messaging with confidence and certainty?

What if you could show potential clients what it was like to work with you before they ever have any contact with you?

What if you knew your business was heading in the right direction — and you had the right language and social proof to make it easier for your ideal clients to commit?

Sounds great, Karyn…

but how do I get there?

Two Words: Customer Research

Now, I know you’ve heard about customer research before. Stop me if you’ve done any of the following:

  • Put off customer research for months because you just didn’t know what to look for or how to find it.
  • Spent hours trolling through Facebook groups and internet forums, hoping to find some customer insights.
  • Spent all day writing a survey and sending it to your list…only to have no one answer it. Again. 
  • Finally got up the courage to do customer interviews and get feedback from them…only to be completely stumped and not know what to ask in the interview.

And then, finally getting all of this information, and not having a clue what to do with it.

That’s Why I Want to Do it For You.

Hi, I’m Karyn. Your Customer Research Consultant, with a background in social work and nonprofit evaluation. 

Basically, that means I like research. A lot. Did-multiple-degrees-in-it-and-started-a-business-based-on-it a lot.

I want to show you how you can get all the information you need to market yourself more effectively, find more clients that you love, and be able to tell people exactly what you do without having to complete another course or read another book.

Together you and I will sit down and design every aspect of your customer research project. From who we talk to to which questions we ask to how we tag your data (so that you can use it right away to solve your most pressing business problems). 

I’ll go out and talk to your best customers, find out what’s working, and the compile all of that information into an easy-to-use dossier, complete with notes on which insights to use in your business and when.

Here’s How It Works:

Step 1

We setup an in-depth onboarding interview to determine:

  • Which problems we’ll be tackling in this round of customer research. 
  • Which questions I’ll be asking during the research process
  • Who we’ll be talking to to get you the answers you need

Step 2

We’ll setup and schedule all of your customer interviews. I provide release forms so you can use all of the material you receive.

Step 3

The fun part! I get to talk to people!

Just kidding. But not really. I love interviewing people. It’s why I’ve made it my business! Your interviews will be recorded and transcribed once they’re complete, and then qualitatively coded. Which means I tag all your quotations so you know exactly what to use them for.


Step 4

The report. I’ll put together your final report, answering all of the research questions we posed in the beginning. It’ll include any extra messaging from your clients, all of your tagged data, and a “Customer Codebook” cheatsheet, showing you where to find the most important pieces of information from your research. 


Step 5

The Implementation session.

We’ll meet up again via Zoom to go over the research findings, and I’ll walk you through how to implement them in your business.  


Step 6 

World domination!

Just kidding. 😉

But seriously…

The insights you get from customer research can radically transform your business, and your relationship with your clients.

It can give you new messaging, deeper insights, new product ideas, and help you grow your business in all kinds of new ways. 


So what are you waiting for?

Customer research engagements start at $5000.

Contact me to determine the scope of your project and get a quote specific to your business.

Commonly Asked Questions

What's included?

Each research engagement is custom tailored to your business and your goals. This means the deliverables will change so that you get what’s most useful for you in your business.

There are a few things you will always get:

  • A final report addressing the research questions we set out to answer at the beginning of the engagement.
  • Audio and video recordings of customer interviews
  • Full transcripts of all interviews
  • Implementation guide to help you use this information in growing your business.

What’s in the report can and will change. Even how your data is categorized will reflect the goals of the research project we established in the beginning.

What’s the difference between customer research and a case study?
Customer research is designed to answer your business questions. A case study is a narrative description of the work you and your customer did together and the results they saw. You can build case studies from your research, but the focus of customer research is to answer business questions so you can move forward with confidence.
How long is this going to take?
That depends on scheduling interviews. As much as we would like to believe that everyone will be available immediately and always show up, we have to factor in the variability of relying on other people to move the project along. I typically allow 2-3 months for a project including interviews, data analysis, and preparation of the final report.
How many interviews should be conducted for each research project?
This number varies and it depends on what you’re trying to uncover. For larger research projects I recommend at least 3 client interviews, so that we can get a real feel for what’s going on.

However, if you’ve got that one unicorn client you love and you’re trying to figure out why they hired you, one interview is often enough. 

What can I do with this data?
How you use your data will depend on what you were looking to learn, but some ways my clients have used their research are:

  • Figuring out the language their clients use, to put it in their marketing copy
  • Determining which features, benefits, products, and services your clients value most highly
  • Pulling quotes to use as testimonials that you can use everywhere you show up online
  • As case studies that can provide social proof, counter objections, and help close sales
  • To develop new products or adjust their current offerings to better match up with what their clients want

The possibilities are truly endless. That’s why we have an implementation session at the end of the research process to help you determine how to get the most out of your results.

What if I need MORE data?
Great! I love interviews! And I live for customer research. (It’s not like I started a business around it or anything, ya’know?) If the scope of your project is larger than what I’ve outlined here, contact me to get a custom quote for your project.
What if the results don't match my expectations?
Finding things you didn’t expect to find is 100% normal for customer research.

And that’s the beautiful thing about it! Those unexpected insights are what makes customer research so powerful. 

Most people turn to research when they’re stuck in business, are having trouble growing beyond a certain point, or are not sure why their customers keep hiring them. The “whys” behind all of those often aren’t obvious to us because we’re too close to the problem. 

You might find out that they are hiring you for a completely different reason than you thought. Or you might discover that they had a particular anxiety around hiring you (that you could then address). The key here is to learn from what we discover and put it to use in service of the success of your clients, which in turn is in the best interest of your business. Discover, decide and then act.

Can't I just do this myself?
I love it when people do their own research, and I fully encourage all of my clients to ask for feedback on a regular basis. However, intensive projects like this take time, and can easily fall to the bottom of the pile. Especially when you have a business to run. And then you have to figure out what questions to ask. And what all the raw data means. And how to synthesize it into something you can use…

Sometimes, it’s just easier to have someone else do it for you. And to have it magically appear in your inbox.

Plus, as a neutral third party, your clients are going to feel more comfortable sharing with me all their deepest thoughts and feelings about their journey with you. You can read more about why that happens here.

Let’s go! Hit the button below to setup a call and we’ll figure out if you need to do a customer research project, and what it looks like for you.

[Help me with my customer research, Karyn!]

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