What if your best clients could do the selling for you?

Have compelling case studies magically appear in your inbox.

Your customers are over the moon after working with you.


They sing your praises everywhere they go.


They tell everyone how amazing your work is, and you’ve gotten them some pretty sweet results.

A case study would be a great idea.

But writing one just makes you want to go…

You know that the right customer’s case study will help you close more sales and bring in more dream clients.

Because as far as social proof goes, case studies can’t be beat.

77% of B2B buyers consider case studies when evaluating a purchase. And case studies rank as the third most influential type of content marketing for businesses of all sizes — including small businesses.

The best case studies speak directly to your customers concerns and objections. And by letting your best customers speak, new prospects are far more likely to trust you.


But first you have to figure out which client to feature…

And come up with interview questions to ask them…

And turn that interview into a compelling narrative…

And get your customers to be 100% honest with you during the interview.

Which…is a lot of work.

…And that’s where I come in.


Case Studies. Done for you. Magically appearing in your inbox.


It’s really that simple.


Here’s How it Works:

Step 1

You and I sit down, one-on-one, and we go over what you need in a case study. Does it need to focus more on you and the process of working with you? Or is it going to be super focused on your customer and their success? Or some mix of the two?

Do you want it in their words, or something more narrative?

We’ll figure out what fits your business and supports your business goals. We’ll also figure out how many case studies you need, and who you should talk to.

Step 2

I start setting up interviews with our case study subjects. I use the Jobs to Be Done framework to recreate your customer’s experience working with you, and tailor each interview to dig in to the areas of interest to you.

Step 3

I take the interview, turn it into your written case study This includes the case study itself, a list of Quotables you can use for social media and allll the things. and coding the transcript so you have all the juicy bits and customer insights from the session at your fingertips.

Step 4

I send you the case study for review. This is where we tweak and edit the case study to get it just how you like it. I also submit the final versions to your interviewee’s for (signed) approval.

Step 5

You get all the things. 

Each Case Study includes:

  • 1 intake interview to determine the goal of the case study. What information are we looking to uncover? What pain point or objection do we want this case study to address?
  • 1 customer interview with the subject of your case study
  • Audio and video recordings of the interview
  • Full transcription of the interview
  • Includes timestamps and highlights of the juicy bits, so you can skip right to “the good stuff”
  • A list of Quotables you can use for social media


If case studies are what you need and you just want someone to take the hard part off your hands, then let’s do this.

Case Studies start at $1000.

Let’s chat to figure out your research needs.



However, if you are looking for more insight into your customers that you can use…

Your case studies can help you a whole lot more than you think.

I don’t just write compelling, narrative case studies that do the hard work of selling for you…

I can also take my years of experience in qualitative research methods and dig into everything your customers experienced while working with you.

The good, the bad, the ugly, and all the details hiding in your customers heads. This gets turned into a compelling case study, and I pull out valuable customer insights [aka data]…which you can use for sales, marketing copy, learning who your people are, what they value, and more.

It’s way more than just a case study.

Click HERE to read more, or we can just set up a time to chat and I can answer all your questions.


some common Questions

How many customers do I need to have before doing a case study?

You only need one happy client to do a case study. So even if you’ve just started your business or you’ve been open for a while but haven’t had many clients, or are looking to target a new type of client, who you’ve only worked with once or twice, you can still get powerful, compelling case studies that will do the selling for you.

How long is this going to take?

That depends on scheduling interviews. As much as we would like to believe that everyone will be available immediately and always show up, we have to factor in the variability of relying on other people to move the project along.

With the case study process, typically allow 4 weeks after the interview for delivery of the final product. This includes time for some edits and light revisions.

What's the difference between a case study and a testimonial?

A case study is a longer, narrative document that describes your client’s experience working with you. It can cover everything from why they chose you, to what they experienced working with you, to the results they achieved after working with you. They require more research, and a long conversation with your customers, followed by careful crafting to make sure they’re both honest and powerful.

Testimonials are shorter bites from your clients, highlights of the most powerful parts of their experience. They don’t follow the same narrative structure, and, while they can provide social proof, don’t have the same in-depth nature as a case study.

What can I do with a case study?


You can use case studies as social proof, as lead magnets for your marketing, in sales conversations with clients. For business promotion on social media. All kinds of places.

How you’re going to use yours will depend on your business and what you’re trying to achieve. That’s why we have an implementation session at the end of the research process to help you determine how to get the most out of your case study.

What if I need multiple case studies?

Great! We can do that.

And we can tailor your case studies to capture different parts of your process or to focus on different concerns your customers have. We’ll figure out how many case studies will be necessary to help you achieve your business goals.

What if the results don't match my expectations?

To be honest, they probably won’t. Finding things you didn’t expect to find is 100% normal when you’re interviewing people. And with case studies in particular, when you’re getting your customer’s side of the story, I can almost guarantee there will be details and parts of the story that surprise you. Even when we think we know what’s going on, we often don’t have all the details.

Getting a neutral third party in, like myself, can help because I don’t have assumed knowledge about the situation. So I can find those unexpected gems and bring them out for your business.

Can't I just do this myself?

I love it when people do their own research, and I fully encourage all of my clients to ask for feedback on a regular basis. However, particularly with case studies, bringing in a neutral third party can help make your customer feel more comfortable sharing all their deepest thoughts and feelings about their journey with you. (You can read more about why that happens here.) Which means you’re going to get a more complete story, deeper insights, and a better case study.

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