CASE STUDIES PLUS (Insight + Implementation)

Imagine having the perfect case study the next time you encounter an objection on a sales call. And having the right insights and language to write copy more easily, market your business more effectively, and develop products your customers desperately want.

Now imagine how good it will feel to just have this show up in your inbox, with little to no work at all on your part.

Complete with customer data, marketing insights, and more — going beyond a case study to something you can use to inform every aspect of your business.


  • Qualitative coding [tagging and categorizing] of the transcript so that you can use customer insights for your marketing and sales efforts moving forward
  • One implementation session at the end where we walk through the findings, the categorization, and your cheatsheet of how to use everything


So if you opt for Case Studies Plus we’ll also have a step 6…


Implementation. You and I sit down and walk through the findings together. I’ll go over data categorization with you, how I’ve broken it down, and where (and how) you can use this data in your business.

So you can actually hit the ground running and know what to DO with all this information. Because there’s no point in having all this customer data if you aren’t going to use. I help you put it to use.


Amplify your Case Studies.

Contact me for an exact quote, and help determine your Case Study needs.

Want to go back and read more about case studies? Here’s the Case Studies page.

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