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Why aren’t you asking?

It might feel overwhelming. Maybe you don’t know what to ask, don’t know how to ask it, and you’re not sure you can even get people to say yes to participating. You may even feel guilt/shame around asking for help on things you think you SHOULD know already.

You email a survey and you get cricketsor the people who respond don’t answer the questions you asked, they give you one-word answers or critique the survey itself instead of just answering the dang questions. You ask people to do interviews and then when you get them on the phone, the answers you get aren’t as helpful as you hoped they would be. Not because they didn’t answer the questions, but because it turns out you weren’t asking the right ones.

And just THINKING about doing that for 100 people makes you break out in hives, crawl back into bed, and never want to see the light of day again.

What you could find out…and how it could help you…

  • Learn why your clients decided your services were worth paying for so you can highlight the qualities they value the most and communicate that to others in the same situation.
  • Learn who & what your clients consider to be your true competition so you can position your business in relation to all of the solutions they are considering instead of just other businesses like yours.
  • What anxieties did they have about using your services? Learning this allows you to address them and make future yeses easier.
  • What about the people who said no? Quit early? You might learn that your sign-up process has a glitch in it that no one told you about or that your market is becoming more savvy and you’re offering something they don’t want anymore.
  • You can learn what your clients think you actually do for them. Right? Then you can use their words to tell everyone else.

“I get customer research. I understand it. I know why it’s done. But I always assumed that something like customer research was done for big ol’ companies. Corporations. Businesses with lots of bodies. Nope.

And this is one of those moments in my business where I actually felt my perspective shift and grow.

This experience, in many ways has given me so much insight into: how I run my business, how I can run it better, how I can offer what I’m the best at, and how I can serve my clients in a way that makes us both happy. What’s not to love about this process?”

-Meighan O’Toole, Creative Online Strategy 

Hey, I'm Karyn.

Hey, I'm Karyn.

there’s (insight) gold in them there clients

I specialize in in-depth customer interviews for small businesses. Just because you’re a small business, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve great research help. Basically, I help you take the guesswork out of your target market by doing the digging that every business needs to really get to know their best clients. Interviews, testimonials, and exit assessments can be painful and difficult for solopreneurs to develop and conduct, but I LOVE doing them! By doing the research, you never again have to rely on assumptions about who your best clients are, and why they choose you over your competition.


-Alan Klemmet, When Coffee & Kale Compete

Research Services


Contrary to popular belief, you CAN buy time.

Done For You client testimonial gathering is here. Spend your time serving your new clients while also taking care of past clients and making you ALL look good!


Customer Research

Your clients are more than avatars.

Let's really get to know your people and what motivates them. What situations they're facing. Who your competitors really are, from your clients' perspective.

Case Studies

Stories do more than entertain.

Showcase your clients' stories in ways that help prospective clients picture themselves making similar progress using your solution. Case studies address concerns and show them what it could be like for them. Show them how it works.



Interested in learning more about how customer research can help you? Send me a note, I would love to talk to you.

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