Hey, I’m Karyn

I help business running moms evaluate & reach their goals with the life they have right now.

I see you there.

Stealing moments to work on your dream. Struggling to get the pieces to fit, held back by the daily limitations that come with a full life of loving on your people. The limits imposed by working from home, missing those real social connections with people who get what you do and have valuable insight and willing ears.

You serve others with your whole heart. You are brave and ambitious and maybe a little bit of a control freak. Admit it. You want it all to work, you just need some help.

It doesn’t have to be so hard. I’ve got your back.

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“Karyn was the key to getting the project done. Not kinda, sorta, started-but-not-quite-finished-done. Totally finished-polished-product, check-the-done-box done. Done. Priceless. She took on the project like it was her own life’s work. She kindly held me to our schedule, but was flexible and understanding when life (we all know I mean kids) had other plans. And we still completed the project ahead of our goal end-date. ”

Jessica K.

“Karyn helped me clarify the purpose of my business and worked with me to create a vision that was bigger than anything I could have dreamed of on my own. Her ideas and suggestions have turned my business frustrations into ideas and goals that I am excited about. Working with her was one of the best things that happened to me this year. ”

Emily S.

Ready to get off the struggle bus?

hey Karyn

Shhhh. I’m really just a nerd.

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